Everyday Isabelle Fox: Part 4/4

It's the final instalment. Find out about Sabrina and Ellie; what they do, who inspires them and, most importantly, what they wear. Thank you to everyone for taking part.
Isabelle Fox Sabrina
Sabrina wearing the Brigitte Peplum Top
Sabrina is mother to her three children and previously worked as a journalist. 
Q: How would you describe your style? 
A: It's classic but with a few little quirks. I'm branching out more, but I generally stick to navy, blue and grey, sometimes with a patterned shoe.
Q: Are there any fashion trends you followed but wish you hadn't?
A: Everyday! I think the worst was the duffel. The other major fashion disaster was the combats with the dragon emblazoned on the back.
Q: Why did you pick the Brigitte Peplum Top?
A: It's classic but it has a little bit of something, and you can dress it down or up with trousers or skirts. It's a versatile piece but it's very elegant. 
Q: Describe your average day.
A: Getting my three children ready for school, which is always chaotic, then doing everyday tasks before I pick them up. In the evening I'll go out for dinner or have some down time when they've gone to bed.  
Q: What do you look for when you're buying clothes?
A: The fit really, especially as I've got older. Tailoring and good fabrics too.
Isabelle Fox Eleonore Crompton
Ellie wearing the Audrey Midi Skirt
Ellie is a fashion writer and Contributing Editor to Hello! Fashion Monthly. She is mother to three children and runs her blog, the Mumday Times
Q: How would you describe your style? 
A: I'm definitely more bohemian than slick.
Q: Which person past or present influences your style?
A: I'm a big Kate Moss fan as well as Jean Shrimpton. I love the look of all of those old 60s/70s supermodels.
Q: Are there any fashion trends you followed but wish you hadn't?
A: Loads, yes! Lots of awful sportswear as a teenager with enormous trainers, zig-zag leggings and sports caps.
Q: What do you look for when buying clothes?
A: These days it's definitely quality. I just don't want to put it in the washing machine and then it fall apart. It also needs to be something that will last and that I can wear in five years' time.
Q: Describe your average day.
A: I have three children so the morning is spent getting them ready and getting to school on time. Then I generally either go into the office to do some work, attend press events or work from home. Lots of different things and it changes day-to-day.
Q: What sartorial choices do you make to support what you do?
A: I have a blog and am a fashion writer, so I need to look appropriate, which means that I spend money on updating my wardrobe so that I can feel good with what I do. Another thing is that my job requires me to scroll through clothes in order to write, so I see so many different clothes that I love, which means that I like to incorporate those pieces into my own wardrobe too.
Isabelle Fox Group
Thank you for reading! 
Photography: Paul Cordrey
Hair & Make-up: Tahira Herold
Styling Assistant: Rosie Williams

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