Classic Lines for the Modern Woman


The recently launched British fashion brand Isabelle Fox, established by the young designer Isabelle Waring, is named in tribute to Isabelle’s couture-trained seamstress grandmother – Isabelle’s inspiration and fashion role model – whose surname is Fox.

After much youthful experimentation with fashion, Isabelle developed her own unique look based on classic designs – think fitted waists, longer hemlines, exquisite cuts and flattering necklines.



And so in 2016, she decided to set up her own fashion line to create collections using the traditional couture techniques her grandmother taught her, in fabrics of the highest quality, with designs inspired by elegant women of the past such as Edie Sedgwick, Jean Shrimpton, Audrey Hepburn and Rita Hayworth, each of whom has her own distinctive look. Each and every piece is perfected for the 21st Century with modern, playful, yet classic styling.  




A founding principle of the Isabelle Fox label is to create high quality, beautifully and thoughtfully designed investment pieces that do not cost the earth, and which are perfect for a range of occasions such as effortlessly segueing from the office to social events.


All Isabelle Fox pieces are proudly made in England with no compromise on design, materials or ethical standards, at every stage of their production. At each and every stage of production we use highly-skilled workers in the UK so that our final product is of the highest quality. All fabric is ethically sourced, most of it coming from the UK, Italy, France, Switzerland or Spain. At each and every stage quality checks are carried out by Isabelle herself to check that the cut, fit and quality of each piece meets the high standards she requires. 

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